Mid-Century Modern Baby: Charley Harper

I got a little inspired by my Alexander Girard baby items post and realized that Charley Harper has some great mid-century modern baby stuff as well.

We have Charley Harper 123s and love it.

It has some of Harper's iconic birds in it.

Speaking of birds, there's an entire Charley Harper Coloring Book of Birds.

And to help you learn those colors, there's Charley Harper Colors.

You can cover the rest of your learning bases with Charley Harper ABC's.

Like Girard, there's also a Charley Harper Memory Game.

For some giant fun, there's the Charley Harper Ladybug Giant Floor Puzzle.

Or the smaller, but equally fun Charley Harper: Tree of Life Block Puzzle.


  1. Although long removed from rearing children, I love the design and learning technques along with the great MCM graphics. Teach your children well!

    1. Yeah, I especially love how they didn't alter the art or style at all to make it into a kids book, etc. Keeps the classic look while giving me an excuse to introduce my kid to mid-century modern art.

  2. I've been inflicting Charley Harper stuff on my niece since she was born! If you're into iphone/ipad apps, check out Peekaboo Forest, featuring Harper's woodland animals.

    1. I hadn't heard of Peekaboo Forest. The kid is just getting to the age where iPad obsession is becoming a thing. I'll definitely have to check it out. Thanks for the heads up.