Mid-Century Modern Art Toys

I mentioned my art toy collection. This isn't it. But after I mentioned my collection, I started to think about art toys that would easily work in a mid-century modern home.

There are some artists whose style and products are almost consistently what I would consider a mid-century modern art toy. Many of the specific art toys below have sold out, but you can usually still find something by the artist available at their store or elsewhere online.

Mr. Clement

Joe Ledbetter

James Jarvis

Pete Fowler

Amanda Visell (whose posters are also amazing)

Tim Biskup

Gary Ham

Sam Flores

Sticky Monster Lab

And then there are some series of art toys and one-off mid-century modern art toys that would easily work on the shelf of any modern home.


Ugly Dolls

Toki Doki

Knock Man

Tokyoplastic Geisha Doll



Some of the above artists are in my collection and a few others I hope to add. I think they'll be the easier ones to find a home for once I start moving things in my collection around the house.


  1. I love the Brendan Monroe piece, and of course I'd love to have all the miniature chairs!

    1. Yeah, that one just came out and it's pretty fantastic. I thought about picking it up, but already own a piece by him. And of course I had to include the mini chairs in it this - they're just too prefect. And great for anyone who can't afford the person-sized versions.