Reproduction Mid-Century Door Knobs and Backplates

Dana from Mid2Mod and I were discussing in the comments of another mid-century door knob post why no one made reproduction mid-century backplates. Well, it looks like someone finally wised up and saw there was a market for mid-century backplates in the modern world, and that someone is Rejuvenation.

With two stars, two squares and a circle backplate and door knob set to choose from, you can create some of the most famous mid-century style doors out there, including the Mad Men office door knob.

From the Rejuvenation site:
Many mid-century modern doors were flat-paneled and plain. Character came from interesting handles, backplates and doorbells: stars, squares, circles of silver, gold or brass. Our Mid-Century Modern Collection perfectly captures that refined, yet fun, essence.
Rejuvenation isn't the only company making reproduction mid-century door knobs, but they are the first that I've seen to bring back the star look, with the Atlas and Titan entry set.


  1. Fantastic! I did a post about Rejuvenation back in October, and at the time, I thought all they had was cabinet hardware with a mid-century look. I'll have to check their website and look at the door hardware. I wonder if I just missed it the first time or if it's been added since then. I'm glad you researched this!

  2. The Mid-Century Modern Collection of door knobs are brand new for Rejuvenation. Or at least the first time I've seen them is in their newest catalog. Hopefully other places will follow their lead and there will be an explosion of mid-century style door knobs available again. I'd love to see a cross hair design come back (

  3. How exciting! Like you, I hope other companies will follow suit. It's been so difficult for people to locate appropriate exterior door hardware. This should really help with renovations.