Mid-Century Modern Studios

I'm happy to say that Austin is home to a lot of great independent companies and many of them tie into the modern design and mid-century design and aesthetic that I love. I'm sad that I didn't know about Kanga Room Systems till I read about them on Apartment Therapy. Don't know about Kanga either? Here's how they describe themselves on their site:
Kanga Room Systems, Inc. is North America’s premier designer and manufacturer of revolutionary, high quality, prefabricated wood product kits for stand-alone outdoor rooms and accessory structures used for home, ranch, business, and industrial sites. We feature a variety of cabins, sheds, studios, add-on rooms, storage, and children's playhouses, and playrooms available as build-it-yourself prefabricated kits or we'll assemble it for you with our premium installation services.
The short of it is, they make really neat backyard studios and play houses for kids. I'd love to give the little one this modern play house.


  1. I give my daughter and SIL a hard time and say I'm going to sell my house and move into their back yard...and now I know how. ;)

  2. Seriously, these things look nicer than some apartments I've lived in.

  3. Love the Salterini Tempestini patio furniture in that pic. I think I might bet mine refinished this summer. I read on the Brick House blog about a Rislan coating process that is very affordable. It's apparently like the orig. plastic coating on the Bertoia chairs.

  4. I love those Salterini hoop chairs too. Sadly, all the ones I've seen have been beat up pretty bad. Good to know there might be a process to bring them back to life.