Broyhill Sculptra Room Divider

Look at this gorgeous piece of vintage Broyhill Sculptra furniture. I've never seen a Broyhill Sculptra room divider before and, boy, is it something to see. You can see plenty more beauty shots over at Midcentury Mobler's Flickr gallery.
Here are the details:
Mid-century room divider from Broyhill’s Sculptra collection. This rare piece is finished on both sides in walnut so it can be placed in the center of a room. Removable hutch makes this one multi-functional and creates ample storage solutions depending on your setup.

54” wide x 27” tall (floor to buffet) 70” tall (floor to top of hutch) x 17” deep


Anonymous said...

Yes, this Broyhill line is one of my favorites, along with the Broyhill Brasilia line; inspired by Oscar Niemeyer's architecture.
I have the dresser and nightstands..
I'm enjoying your posts, thanks so much!

Dana@Mid2Mod said...

Great sources! Thanks for digging those out.

Anonymous said...

i love this and have it! found it on craigslist with the matching table and 6 just need the china cabinet...any tips on where i can find one?

Mid-Century Austin said...

Your best bet is to stay patient and keep hunting craigslist. If you're in San Fran, Midcentury Mobler (where the above photo is from) carry a good deal of Sculptra stuff.

Jeff said...

I have an excellent condition Broyhill Sculptra china cabinet for sale currently for sale on Craigslist Kansas City, Mo.
You can call me if you like at 816-787-3778.

Mid Century Furniture Man said...

I have a couple of them for sale, the first is a Sculptra credenza with traditional glass 2 door (4 paine) china hutch atop, and the other is Sculptra with the credenza topped with a 2 piece book shelving, one of which has a drop door secretaries desk.
Both have the iconic Modern tapered legs and spans.

They are both listed on Craigslist Out of So Calif (search with phone # as is) Patrick 619 808 2828