Done: Hide shelves in the master bath

I realized that it wasn't the shelves themselves that I didn't like, it was the amount of clutter on them. So there was a much easier fix than covering up the shelves, hide the clutter.



The grey wall

Here's what one of the nursery walls looked like a few days ago.

Done: Replace kid's room closet knobs

We wanted something a little more simple for the kid's room closet knobs. And, knowing that a kid would eventually be using them, something a little bigger and easier to grab.

On the left, old. On the right, new.

More Mark Ryden Meat Boy

I hung the Mark Ryden Meat Boy print this weekend and it looks great. Here are some photos.

(I promise, in real life the wall doesn't look that oddly bare.)

Done: Fix broken hose bib

This was something we had to have our contractor come out and do because a special, retro-fit hose bib was needed, but there's no more chance of stabbing your hand when you go to turn on the hose.

Small change here, big change in life

What is a minimal change to this blog - changing "2nd Bedroom" to "Kid's Room" on the To Do List - will be, I'm sure, a giant life change.

It will also mean giant changes for the house. The old 2nd bedroom was essentially extra storage space; that's definitely going to change. So as we change it from empty room with a bookshelf in it to a full blown nursery, I'll be sure to chronicle things here.

Done: Put on gutter guards

A couple of bloody knuckles later and gutter guards have been installed. You can't see them from ground level so no photos, but they do mean that I'll never have to climb a ladder and stick my hand in a pile of wet leaves again.

Accidental art

You might wonder, "How is it possible to buy art on accident?" Well, with ebay it's pretty easy; I'm sure I'm not the first, and I probably won't be the last. Here's how it happened for me.

The piece came up - I've had the title in my ebay alerts for years so I know every time it comes up for sale, which isn't often - at a lower than normal price, but not so low you brush it off as a scam. So I made a mental note and moved on with my life. A few days later no one had bid, so I put in the minimum bid as a goof. Someone out bid me shortly after, so I returned bid with the highest I was willing to go (I don't have time to try an snipe ebay auctions, anymore) and figured I'd be outbid soon enough. I know what the piece goes for (or at least every piece that has sold in the last 3 years has gone for) and my bid was significantly less. But 3 days later, auction was over an I had won.

The mystery piece? Mark Ryden's Meat Boy
For those of you who know me (or have read my various other blogs), know that this is my favorite piece of contemporary art. And I can't wait to have it in my house.

Rach, on the other hand, is not as excited. But she is understanding.